Today we are going over a beastly stretch to help open up your thoracic (mid back) rotation. Do this as part of your warmup before your sport or before lifting. This can be done as a repetition or you can hold each side for 1-2 minutes. Have someone assist into the stretch if you feel adventurous and would like to go deeper.

If you have mid-back pain, chances are that you might have a rib out of place. Check out our video about the best way to get quick pain relief. This stretch should not hurt, but if it does, it should be noted that you may have a “locked” joint where you feel pain.

Where Does Mid-Back Pain Come From?

Mid-back pain can be a result of reduced body movement in certain planes of the body. For example, thoracic rotation is often something that gets missed in lifting routines. Flexion, extension, and side bending are all too common, but most people that we work on forget to rotate their bodies! Several sports utilize thoracic rotation; however, if you work long hours, sit at a desk, and have rounded posture, you may not actually be able to utilize your thoracic rotation. Instead, you will overuse your shoulders, low back, hips, and knees.

Stretch to Help with Mid-Back Pain

This golf stretch should be done along with episode 21 to help you regain the rotation and extension in your mid back. After, you can stabilize your shoulder blades with episode 53 and 72 on Instagram. We will be posting more scapular stability exercises and active rotational exercises to help improve your posture.

If you are still experiencing mid-back pain or if the pain is chronic, contact us online to schedule an appointment with our experienced chiropractor.