90/90 breathing and core bracing is quite possibly the most important technique you can learn to maintain a neutral pelvic tilt in every exercise and movement you do. We recommend that you give this exercise a try. Only about 1/5th of our patients are able to do this core bracing technique on their first attempt. Breathe for **2-5 MINUTES** maintaining a tight core the entire time. Take each breath in through the nose and out through the mouth like you are trying to blow out 100 candles on a cake… Very forceful, yet slow and controlled. Each slow breath should take 5-10 seconds.

If you are able to tuck your hips back, pull your ribs down, tighten your abs, and breathe through your diaphragm(belly) without any rise of the torso, then you are excellent at bracing and protecting your spine. It will feel like wearing a weight belt!!! Start bracing in the standing position and while you are lifting, running, swimming, hiking, etc.


As Dr. Mike mentioned in the video, we will be launching an online series in the future that will cover this bracing technique in detail, but for now you are stuck with the 1-minute explanation! This can be very difficult to teach and there are often many limiting factors as to why someone may not be able to breathe through their diaphragm or even achieve this braced position. Limited pelvic control, rounded posture, and weak abdominals may require more in-depth instruction on how to perform this bracing!