How Messed up Is Your Posture?

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This test looks simple, but will definitely challenge your entire body. You should be able to easily stand for 2 minutes against the wall while keeping your heels, butt, mid-back, shoulders, arms, hands, and head against the wall. Place a small pen or piece of paper against the wall around where a bra-strap would connect.

If you have a rounded or overly kyphotic posture, the first thing that happens with this test is that your mid back will probably be sticking off of the wall as you try to keep your shoulders and head against the wall. As you correct this by engaging your core, and pulling your ribs down to flatten your mid-back to the wall (where the pen should be), your shoulders and head will start to come off of the wall. This will demonstrate the drastic curvature of your upper back and will take months of patience and hard work to correct.

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  1. I absolutely love you guys! I discovered you on Instagram and have been hooked ever since! Thank you for all the videos you post to help us “spinally and posturally challenged” people! Can you post corrective exercises for collapsed shoulders during push ups? I notice a lot of people (including myself) tend to look like bananas during push ups. Shoulders cave in, lower back rounds, hips drop, etc. I was searching through your exercise library, but couldn’t find anything. I might of missed it. Thank you so much!!

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