The small “suboccipital” muscles at the base of your skull can be one of the main reasons you suffer from headaches. This gentle massage can be done for 2 minutes/side on the floor or the wall with a lacrosse ball, golf ball, baseball, or anything else creative. Other causes of headaches are dehydration, locked joints in the neck, malnutrition, or other medical conditions. If you have chronic headaches… it is best to seek a professional. It is also best that you don’t attempt the first exercise demonstrated in this video. If you do, be careful!

The suboccipital muscles will shorten and tighten up as a result of “forward head carriage.” If you are seated much of the day and you head is reaching forward, these muscles will become chronically shortened, yanking on the vertebrae of the upper neck and the base of your skull. This tension usually results in a headache at or above the eyes and the top of the head. Again, the W’s should be done with the head against the wall to counteract this tightness.

Pay attention to how far forward your head is throughout the day. If you need to reset your posture, stand flat against a wall (heels, butt, mid back, shoulders, arms, hands, and head touching the wall) for 2 minutes.