Scar Tissue Therapy
for Lower Back Pain


Medical Device Designed for one Purpose; Results!

Calispine’s method of scare tissue therapy is what our patients often refer to when they talk about Calispine. We have created a muscle-tenderizing medical device that has been used on thousands of patients, that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our patients have named the device “The Drill”! This intensive deep tissue massage device is designed for one purpose, and one purpose only; results!

Muscle fibers are smooth, supple, organized, flexible, and have plenty of blood supply. Scar tissue can build up in your muscle fibers, and the surrounding connective tissues from accumulated micro injuries, auto accidents, and even activities as simple as your repetitive everyday movements. Scar tissue occupies areas within and around healthy muscle tissue, and is described as disorganized, weak, inflexible, painful, and has low blood flow.

Break Through the Most Damaged Tissue


Scar tissue can prevent portions of your muscle from contracting or lengthening properly, which can cause pain and dysfunction in the muscle itself or nearby joints. We have found the most common sites where scar tissue accumulates is in the shoulder, elbow, low back, knee, hip and ankle. Most chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists, only address the top layer of scar tissue. The methods that are generally used today for scar tissue therapy are ultrasound, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, electric stimulation, stretching, needling, and using lasers.

From a logical standpoint, if you had a piece of beef jerky (similar to scar tissue), and had to make it as tender as possible, what would you use? Deep tissue massage would probably be the best option, but to truly break down and disintegrate these gnarly nodules, and patches of scar tissue, a more intensive method is necessary.

The Calispine method was developed out of necessity, and the method is the most intensive, and precise scar tissue therapy available today. The treatment time is brief and intensive, and the end result is most often very rapid and long-term relief. Most gentle therapies might help you feel good for hours or days, while our method has the potential to permanently resolve pain. This is because our deep tissue massage device is powerful and precise enough, to break up even the most damaged tissue, rather than just make it feel better for a brief amount of time, through conventional methods. If you would like to hear more about our scar tissue tissue therapy contact us using the form below, and check out Calispine’s YouTube channel for educational videos on lower back pain.