A Few Words From Our Patients

6/20/2016 – I have a PhD in organic chemistry and have worked most of my career in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. I am 100% behind fact driven medicine. To say I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor would be an understatement. However, my Crossfit coach pretty much insisted I go see Dr. Mike (“everybody at the gym goes to him”) for a persistent knee injury (epic ski wipe-out) that was affecting my gym & running performance. After only 3 weeks/6 sessions, I can’t say how happy I am. Dr. Mike is confident in his diagnosis & treatment, and empathetic in the way he works; significant difference between when I arrived and how I feel now. Skepticism gone! Andrew, heading up my rehab, is a ray of sunshine, with a constant smile on his face that is most infectious, even when pushing my body to its limits – though I swear the size of his smile is directly proportional to the amount of pain he’s inflicting on me 😉 Dr. Mike and Andrew have moved beyond just my knee injury and given me pointers for better gym technique and general posture. Excellent service, very knowledgeable, great fun to work with and professional at all times. Highly recommend them.

Karen Watson-Straughan

06/17/2016 – Great experience with Dr. Mike Wasilisin. I have seen numerous chiropractors and physical therapists for my sciatica and terrible lower back pain. Dr. Mike was able to quickly and honestly diagnose me and correct my problem. The process took three months but i can honestly say that my lower back is better than ever. Thank you!

Jennie Star

5/21/2016 – Awesome service and great knowledge about how to help athletes. Dr. Mike even made time for me when I showed up without an appointment. Great place.

David Pelling

4/10/2017 – Prior to working with Dr. Harper I suffered from chronic ocular migraines, frequent dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. I tried everything from meds to homeopathy and nothing ever truly worked. I have been suffering from migraines for 18 years and I was starting to think that nothing would ever help. Meds made me feel better temporarily but never solved the problem. In addition, I was drinking 4-8 cups of coffee a day to make it through my workday and still felt fatigued.

Since working with Dr. Harper my migraines are gone and I have been able to work my normal 10-12 hour days with no coffee nor fatigue. It is truly amazing the work Dr. Harper has done and I am very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. Not only is he extremely intelligent, but he does a great job of explaining everything thoroughly. He always has the answers to my questions and I never feel rushed during my appointments, like most doctors.

When it comes to migraines, I was desperate to find anyone who could give me a cure! I tried every Doctor out there but the answer was always medication, no matter how much I resisted. I had been to several, much older, doctors for my head/neck issues but Dr. Harper was the only one who didn’t suggest a pill. He brought a newer modern-day approach that applied intelligence over an easy quick fix. The way he applies functional neurology to fix my migraines restores my faith in the medical field. It isn’t just cracking my neck and sending me on my way. Instead he performs deep tissue, trigger point release, and neuromuscular exercises to cure my neck and head. I, as many others do, had such a terrible experience with getting adjusted previously. It was terrifying being put on a table, having my neck cracked, and no explanation EVER! It did alleviate pain temporarily but I never returned due to the lack of explanation or care from my doctor. That is not the case with Dr. Harper. I never worry when I’m in his care, I know he knows how to help me and that is a great feeling when investing in a Doctor.

In addition, several of my clients have gone to see him now and are having the same results. Not only is he helping with their migraines, but he’s directly helping with their results in the gym. They have become stronger, more balanced, and better at their respective sports since working with him.

Calispine is the total package! Their staff is incredible and always greets me with a smile. It is so much more than a “doctors” office. Calispine is revolutionizing the medical field when it comes to brain functioning and head trauma. It is a cure, not a temporary fix – and to someone with migraines, it is the most incredible feeling to finally have relief. I will be a client for life and I will continue to send more people their way because they are truly life-changing!

Marianne M

5/2/2016 – If you’re in pain and want a place where they will work with you, not only to just relieve the pain, but to rehab/re-train the body to prevent re-injury, you have to check out Calispine!

After 6 weeks of physical therapy/adjustments, my foot is pain-free and I can get back to running! Thanks Mike, Andrew and Marisol!

Dave G.
San Diego, CA


I found Dr. Mike a few years back at my CrossFit gym. Not only has he helped me treat multiple low back issues, he has consistently helped me with ankle injuries and shoulder problems. Every time I am in for whatever the issue is he finds a way to treat it. He and Andrew are very knowledgeable and love what they do. I look forward to every time I go to visit because I know that I’ll be better in no time!!!!!

Thank you guys!!!!!

David M.
Encinitas, San Diego, CA

3/22/2016 – I first came to Dr. Mike a few years ago regarding some mid back pain that I had been suffering with for 4 months. After other medical doctors had taken X-rays of my mid back, gave me pain meds, and were completely unsure of what was going on, Dr. Mike actually laughed and said that he thought it was the easiest diagnosis… A RIB was out! I had never heard of such a thing at the time, but after he adjusted me, the pain literally disappeared in 1 day. I see him for my neck, low back, and knees.

San Marcos, CA

5/3/2016 – I went to Dr. Mike with a foot injury from long distance running and a few years of bad habits. Mike, Andrew and Marisol are a great group of professionals that will make you feel at home every time. Andrew has a great eye for movement and quickly provides instruction and correction. If you’re in pain and want a place where they will work with you to rehab and not just do a quick fix, check out Calispine!

David C.
Oceanside, CA

3/9/2016 – Dr. Mike is the best. He is super knowledgeable about how to help athletes and keep people active. He has great customer service and even saw me without an appointment when he was heading out the door.

David P.
Encinitas, CA

1/26/2016 – Love these guys! High energy, fun environment, and know what they’re doing. Dr. Mike is great at what he does. I always feel “fixed” post appointment. Andrew and Mari are very helpful and attentive. Love the good vibes. My whole family goes to Calispine.

Deja W.
San Diego, CA

7/21/2015 – Just like family

Peter Silkworth

9/12/2013 – I had a constantly pain on my lower back since Sep 2011, and I have been complain about it almost everyday. So my husband found Dr. Mike Wasilisin from Yelp who already had really good reviews, and we went in on July 24th for the first visit. Learnt so much about my lower back problem and met a wonderful person, felt so much better on my lower back after the first visitor, and also felt so relived cause we found the right doctor who cares about his patients so much and knows about what he is doing. After taking the treatment for a session, my back feels fantastic and my husband never hear me complain again. Thanks for Dr. Mike Wasilisin and my wonderful husband. To all friends who may have a chance to read this review, if you have a lower back pain which is bothering you a lot, going to Dr. Mike Wasilisin is definitely the right choice even it will take you over 30 mins drive! BTW – the new place they moved into is great! loved it!

Sabrina B.
Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA

8/21/2012 – Amazing place!!!! I was referred to Dr. Mike, and not only was I able to get an appointment the same day that I inquired; but more importantly Dr. Mike did an outstanding job! I felt 110% better after my initial appointment. Dr. Mike impressed me with his uncanny ability to listen to my symptoms and utilize his expertise to find the root of the problem as well as treat it that same day. He has an extraordinary passion for his patients and their overall health, if you are in need of a chiropractor, he is your guy!!!!

6/27/2012 – I injured my back during a crossfit workout and was out of commission for almost a week. When my condition didn’t improve with rest, stretching, and ice, I made an appointment to see Dr. Mike who I had heard about from several people that train at my gym. I saw Dr. Mike three times, and I can honestly say my back has never felt better. Before I went to Dr. Mike, I had been to other physical therapists, chiropractors, and even an acupuncturist, for issues with my back and no one seemed to help. Dr. Mike’s work speaks for itself, so if you are having any doubts, make an appointment and go see him. I promise you will not regret it. Thanks again Dr. Mike!!

6/21/2013 – As a former personal assistant of Dr.Mike’s, I have had the privilege to be involved in his work and get to know him. He is a genuine person who has the best interest of his clients in mind at all times. He educates his clients about their well being so that they may become independent and improve their lifestyle. Dr.Mike has an enjoyable personality that places his clients at ease. His expertise with the lower back is his bread and butter, but his knowledge of all chiropractic techniques is vast. He constantly improves upon his approaches to treat his clients and modifies then so that they are always what is best for his clients. Out of all of the rehabilitative and chiropractic individuals that I have worked with in the past, none were as knowledgeable and genuinely caring as Dr.Mike. He has successfully treated clients that had seen multiple chiropractors before him, so make sure to see him.

Aleksandar Mandrapa

1/5/2016 – Prior to Calispine, I had never been to a chiropractor and it’s suffice to say my nerves were apparent. I had no idea what to expect and was in a lot of pain. Well it turned out to be nothing like I expected in the best ways possible. I was met with an instant warmth from Dr. Mike, Andrew and Marisol that honestly eased my apprehension. There was a great atmosphere with music playing and a number of other patients exercising which absolutely made me feel more comfortable. I noticed they were talking and joking with their other patients, who seemed legitimately happy to be there. Like I said – not what I expected.
More important than how I felt walking in, however, is how I felt walking out. Dr. Mike really listened to me describe what I’d been experiencing, immediately isolated the source of the pain and actually explained what the problem was and how it could be rectified. I left excited to go back and begin treatment which was strategically written up and discussed before moving forward. I was told within 3 sessions I’d be feeling better, exercising and sleeping through the night and within 3 more sessions I’d be dirt biking again. Bang on. I was blown away by the accuracy, honesty and treatment plan overall which included adjustments with Dr. Mike and training/strengthening sessions with Andrew. I actually became aware of issues with my body, how to correct them and prevent future injuries. I really can’t say enough good things about the team at Calispine and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone I can. They go above and beyond and before you know it you’ll be one of the patients happy to be there.

Tara W.
Carlsbad, CA

12/9/2015 – Someone who has been dealing with back pain shouldn’t be spending any more time looking any further for help, so I’ll make this short, sweet, and to the point.

This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent- Calispine has truly changed my life. My constant, chronic pain is gone and I can now continue on the active life I’ve been missing for over a decade.

Just make the call and get in to see Dr Mike, Andrew, and Marisol as soon as possible so you can get started on a pain-free life! You will get an individually tailored program of adjustments along with therapeutic exercises and workouts based on your needs, treated and coached by passionate and skilled people- you get something sustainable that you can continue for the rest of your life, not a never ending cycle of adjustments alone that won’t fix underlying problems causing your pain. Your end of the bargain is to put in the work- you get out of it what you put in, so go right now and call or message!

Kate I.
Carlsbad, CA

8/19/2015 – I just want to thank you so much for fixing me up yesterday. I was able to do 30 reps of shoulder to overhead at 95lbs today. I had trouble with 85 prior to seeing you. You rock!!!

Mary K.
Oceanside, CA

9/21/2013 – I have been to multiple chiropractors and have never had such an enjoyable experience as i had with Dr. Mike. He knew exactly where the pain in my shoulders and back were originating from. After just one visit I could feel a difference. I would recommend MW Spinal Care to any friend or family member and feel completely confidant in my referral.

Victoria Edwards

8/10/2013 – I went to see Dr. Mike with terrible pain in my foot roughly a week and a half before running my 3rd half marathon in the San Diego Triple Crown Series. I was unable to run more than 2 miles without my left foot feeling like it was going to shatter – and NOT running the final race of the series wasn’t an option I was willing to entertain. Dr. Mike took the time to explain to me what was happening internally with my muscles while he adjusted my foot (I didn’t know a foot could actually *POP* and not break!) and hips (apparently there’s a joint up in there that runners often injure). Besides the adjustments, Dr. Mike had me come the following day do active release therapy and used a little laser-like contraption to help speed the healing process (I really only had 7 days before I was going to run 13.1 miles). He also gave me exercises to do (e.g. foam rolling) and recommended the Superfeet (Green) insoles for my shoes that significantly reduced the pain. I was able to complete my final half-marathon without my foot causing any problems. Obviously though, running a half marathon on a “not yet completely healed” foot did slow down the process, and I check in with Dr. Mike every few weeks when needed. I would recommend Dr. Mike to anyone and everyone – he believes that there’s things we can do everyday to prevent or even treat injuries, and that we just need to know what and how to do it. Other major things, obviously, require more professional attention – and that’s when you see Dr. Mike!

Jacqueline Morales

5/15/2013 – I came to Dr. Mike with performance-restricting tightness in my lower back, neck and shoulders – all of which could be tied to volleyball activities. Dr. Mike adjusted a few key problem areas, but he also provided me with a stretching regimen to help prevent tightness and imbalances in the future. Thanks to the techniques I learned from Dr. Mike, I am able to train and compete pain-free without the need for constant adjustments. I highly recommend his services for competitive athletes of any kind.

Ross Patrick

7/10/2015 – I love Calispine. Overall this is an amazing practice, Dr. Mike, Andrew and Nelenie go out of their way to make you feel welcomed, cared for, and important. This is not a turnstile practice that is just interested in churning patients. This is a practice of professionals who are committed to each patient’s wellness, and health.

When I went in I had two issues that had been plaguing me for months. Within just a couple of sessions I felt a thousand times better. What is more important is how Dr. Mike and Andrew worked with me on creating new lifelong habits to keep from being re injured. Instead of just giving me a fish, Dr. Mike has given me a great fishing spear and taught me how to fish?

Veronica R.
Carlsbad, CA

7/21/2013 – Dr. Mike is very knowledgeable and passionate about healing people. He is very thorough and great at uncovering the root problems associated with problems. He was able to help me after years of back problems due to a leg injury. Give him a call and make an appointment today.

Kailen Cook

1/3/2013 – I went to Dr. Mike after dealing with 7 years of low back pain caused by a herniated disc. It became so bad that sitting, standing or walking for over 20 minutes was extremely painful. I saw Dr. Mike twice a week for three months and now my pain is minimal and I can do most of my activities pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Mike, he educates you as the patient and genuinely cares that you get better! Thanks Dr. Mike!

Ashley N.
Huntington Beach, CA

6/7/2015 – I am very glad I found Calispine – not only do I feel better than ever, the staff is fantastic and I have seen results quicker than expected! Dr Mike and Andrew do a fantastic job blending PT and chiropractic care and the office manager Nelanie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Cady D.
Encinitas, CA

5/26/2015 – Over the years I have been pretty active with Weight Training, Crossfit and various sports. Unfortunately I have had more than my share of injuries. Due to my many injuries I have had several opportunities to visit a Physical Therapist and/or a Chiropractor. In most cases my time and money was not well spent. Calispine is a BIG exception to this rule. This clinic is unlike any other that I have attended. The place itself is clean and well taken care of, and it has the proper equipment though many clinics can say the same thing. What separates Calispine from other clinics is Dr. Mike and his staff, Andrew and Nelanie. They are like a family and they treat their patients the same way. The warmth and consideration they show for everyone that walks in is quite endearing.

Dr. Mike has a bag of therapies to address almost any injury or muscular dysfunction he encounters. In addition he has an almost insatiable desire to resolve any issue he encounters. I have never seen a doctor so interested in solving a problem.

If you have been unsatisfied with your Physical Therapist or Chiropractor, or are simply searching for a PT or Chiro, I highly recommend you give Calispine a try. I think you will agree that Dr. Mike and his staff are really special.

Bruce L.
Carlsbad, CA

7/10/2014 – Dr. Mike is the best Chiro I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t do routine boring stuff. He figures out the problem and the origin and gets you the help you need. I had muscle spasm in my back and after a few appointments I was feeling better. I go now and drop in to just say hello because they are all so friendly. Thanks Dr. Mike!

Alex C.
San Diego County, CA

1/14/2015 – Great first time visit. Mike was a good listener and did a great assessment of my circumstances and was able to also apply an effective treatment. I look forward to using his services over the long term. I think he will keep me in shape for cycling and surfing with less inhibition caused by my chronic back issues

Bob S.
Oceanside, CA

9/22/2013 – Dr. Mike has gotten me back into balance… When i first came to see him, I was off, way off… and it was putting pressure on my knee, causing me knee pain. Right away, I told him what I did for work, etc… and he figure out what needed to be done. We’re about 2 months into this, and my improvement is great, due to his analysis… and work he’s done on me. I’d highly recommend Dr. Mike to anyone. It’s just over a year now since I have been seeing Dr. Mike, and I feel completely balanced. His diagnosis and methodologies are life changing. I highly recommend seeing him if you have any problems.

Gregory Saladino

6/22/2012 – Dr. Mike is one of the most talented and gifted chiros I know. His extensive knowledge and experience provides him with a broad scope approach and that allows him to look at situations from multiple angles to find the solution that works for you. He has helped me with several injuries. He always makes time for me, and follows up with his work. His results are amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone with any issues of pain and injury. He’ll have you back on your feet before you know it!

12/7/2014 – Incredibly friendly staff, Mike is great guy & appears to very genuine & caring about individuals & their specific problems..takes the time to talk with you extensively & formulates a game plan. I like this place & Mike makes me feel like ‘I matter’ unlike other offices who just treat you like a number. I recommend & I am tough customer to please

Shaun S.
Encinitas, CA

9/27/2014 – Hi, my name is Marina, I am 60 years old, I would like to tell my story and hope it will help someone out there the way Calispine helped me.

I have suffered from neck pain and lower back pain for about 20 years, I reached out as far as UCLA and I wasn’t able to get relief from the pain except surgery, I got to the point where the last two years pain crippled me and i wasn’t able to do anything except lay in bed all day and not sleep all night.

Gone to different therapist and I would quit going because I would see no results, I went to Calispine because my daughter injured her knee and she was no longer able to exercise and I was worried about her until she called me one day and she told me about Calispine and how much better she feels that she’s back into her routine, I trusted my daughter and I made an appointment and went to see them, I explain to Dr Mike about my 20 years of chronic pain and he assured me that I came to the right place as I’m getting my evaluation we find out that my insurance does not cover chiropractic and at that moment I felt so hopeless knowing that I have to go home and still take care of my handicap son while I am in physical pain not to mention the emotional pain.

Dr. Mike saw the pain in my eyes and he told Andrew not to worry about insurance now start the session with her we are not going to let her go Home in pain. I start crying and yet feeling hopeful because for the first time I felt someone really understands how much pain I’m in, The best news is after my first session I left the office feeling great, my brain is no longer foggy, my sight and hearing was better, Woke up the next day and I was able to carry-on and felt less and less pain with every session and have only gone for three sessions so far.

I owe Dr Mike and Andrew my life that they gave back to me ,I now go to work, manage my sons situation better, enjoy the day and sleep at night. And for that I would like to thank my two angels, Dr Mike and Andrew at Calispine Carlsbad.

Sincerely, Marina

M K.
San Marcos, CA

11/19/2014 – I have been in severe pain for 2 mo n barely sleeping let alone functioning and in just 2 sessions I am feeling sooo much better! Great professional and welcoming staff I could not feel more comfortable. I can not tell you enough how much a God send they are!!! Go see Mike and Andrew today!!!!

Erica L.
Vista, CA

9/4/2014 – Dr. Mike and Andrew are amazing! I initially found Dr. Mike on Yelp after experiencing chronic pain and stiffness in my hip after running. Dr. Mike was able to easily identify that it was muscle weakness causing the pain and along with Andrew provide a strengthening program to rehab those particular muscles and avoid further injury.

I have seen chiropractors in the past, but having an actual trainer in-house was not something I had experienced. It makes perfect sense and just goes to prove that Dr. Mike and his team are genuinely looking to heal your injury and provide you with a long term plan that doesn’t include endless visits. They also provide tutorials on their website for those of us who are forgetful and need a refresher from time to time.

With Dr. Mike you don’t just receive treatment, you also receive an education. It is clear that Dr. Mike loves what he does and the comic relief mentioned in other reviews doesn’t hurt either. If you are looking for chiropractic services – look no further!

Courtney E.
Oceanside, CA

7/12/2014 – Dr.Mike and Andrew have been great, and are different from any chiropractor I have been to, and I have been to a number of chiropractors, this is the first time it was not treating the symptom, but building a plan to address the cause. I have had severe back pain/limited movement for over 10 years, and with their interest to come up with a personalized approach, their enthusiasm for seeing you improve, and their interest in refining the plan weekly, has helped me move, workout, and live pain free for the first time in over a decade.
Bottom line: if you want to keep treating the symptom, just keep doing what your doing, if you want to treat the problem, go to Dr. Mike. Thank you, appreciate all your continued help Dr Mike and Andrew.

D H.
Carlsbad, CA

7/10/2014 – I have been going to Dr. Mike’s office for about the last 2 months.

I chose him as a chiro originally because according to the other reviews and the website, his chiropractic approach was straight-forward (doesn’t need X-rays/fancy machines blah blah blah to do an assessment or basic adjustment).

My initial visit was due to a running injury in my lower back (pain level relieved from a 7 to a 0 in the first visit) which Dr. Mike happens to specialize in. Since then I experienced a shoulder injury and have been going 1-2 times a week for strength training. I have seen amazing results and have not been experiencing the shoulder pain since after my second session. I have continued to spend my time and money here because of their great and friendly service and their ability to accommodate my busy schedule.

I highly recommend Dr. MIke! Great service and environment. His tips and exercises outside of his adjustment show that he truly cares and aims to treat and heal his clients.

Rebecca C.
Oceanside, CA

7/14/2014 – I have known Dr. Mike for many years now; he took care of my chronic lower back pain and helped me get back to my exercise routines. Dr. Mike is blessed with a great personality, care for his patients, positive outlook and a calming, comforting personality – all traits of a loving caring health care provider. Dr. Mike now takes care of my whole family with utmost respect and care.

I highly recommend Calispine & Sports!!!!!


A K.
San Diego, CA

8/15/2013 – Mike, just want to express my gratitude. Not only had you helped my neck and back but you deliver excellent customer service. I hope you business exceeds your highest expectations.

Thanks -Roy Michael (Scottsdale, AZ)

Roy Michael
Scottsdale, AZ

4/16/2014 – Highly recommended. I think all chiropractors should have this kind of physical therapy background. He has really helped me and my son Nick, who was told he had a degenerative spine issue. It was so not true! Thank you Dr. Mike. You ROCK!

Tina F.
Carlsbad, CA

8/15/2013 – I have several sports related injuries and Dr. Mike is great when those nagging injuries come back or I aggravate something else. Whether its golf related, Crossfit related, or just sleeping wrong and waking up not feeling right, he’s the best at what he does. I also like the fact that he continually educates beyond just the appointment alone with helpful reading suggestions and videos. I highly recommend Dr. Mike!

Victor C.
Carlsbad, CA

6/21/2013 – Went in with 2 issues… came out feeling better and more knowledgeable than ever! Dr. Mike was highly knowledgeable about sports injuries and rehabilitation, and I loved the goal of getting people back up and active as quickly as possible. He wasn’t like other chiropractors who just wanted to get me out the door… he took the time to test, massage, fix, re-test, adjust, adjust some more, re-test, stretch, test… until he was absolutely sure he’d done everything he could. Appreciated the concern and dedication he gave! Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Carrie B.
San Diego, CA

4/24/2013 – Dr. Mike is the Tennis Elbow master. I was referred to Dr. Mike by my tennis friend who had also had tennis elbow and she swore by him. Felt relief after the first visit.
He’s awesome……and he loves his foam roller!

Amy T.
Carlsbad, San Diego, CA

5/15/2013 – Dr. Wasilisin is hands down the best! I was skeptical of chiropractic care but after seeking help from other spinal specialists for low/mid back pain, I was still suffering and decided to take a chance. Dr. Wasilisin as able to help me right away and I continue to improve each time I visit him.

I would recommend Dr. Wasilisin to anyone regardless of their athletic ability but especially if you are considering CrossFit as a sport or are already a CrossFitter… he is the one to see.

Sh M.
Carlsbad, CA

4/28/2013 – I am an R.N. and am one of Dr. Mike’s biggest fans. 18 months ago he helped me pre and post-op when I had a surgical repair of my torn rotator cuff. My physician said that I had one of the fastest and the best recoveries he had ever seen. Recently I saw him several times for an inflamed hip problem with similar outstanding results. I have recommended him to friends who have been very pleased with their outcomes.

Nancy C.
Carlsbad, CA

02/15/2013 – I’m only 17 and i have had back and neck problems since i was little from riding horses! Dr. Mike has helped so much with my pain and helping me understand what’s wrong with my body. He’s worked on my whole family and we all a appreciate him so much! Every time i leave after a session with Dr. Mike i feel so much better, not only because of my back but because he is such a nice, funny person to be around. He always brightens my day and I always can count on him when I am in pain. I would recommend him to anyone because I know he could help them as much as he has helped me!

Mckenna Klink

1/21/2013 – I consulted Dr. Mike at EZIA for severe back and hip pain. Even though I waited until the situation was extremely painful Dr. Mike improved my back in a very short amount of time! He also trained me on the steps I needed to take to keep my back free of pain without his assistance. His goal is to “fix” you, not keep you coming back. He is the ultimate in professional yet he’s so personable it is a pleasure to see him! I highly recommend him to everyone!

Anita K.
Carlsbad, CA

1/14/2013 – Dr. Mike is a miracle-worker. I seem to attract injuries (back, knee, ankle, you name it!) The good news is that I know no matter the pain, Dr. Mike will be able to identify where the problem is and how to help recover. I suffered from some some serious upper back/shoulder pain last year and after a few sessions with him, I can now say that I am pain-free. He helped me make a few changes and introduced me to my new friend, the foam roller. I am thankful for his honest, professional advice and effective treatment. Needless to say, I would highly recommend his services – it would be silly to go anywhere else!

Katie S.
Carlsbad, CA

6/20/2013 – I have had the privilege to have been taught at a University by Dr. Mike as well as been worked on by him. He is excellent at what he does. There is no one out there like him, he is extremely personable but very professional as well. I have been to a few clinics and doctors about my low back pain and nothing seemed to work. After 1 session with Dr. Mike I was out the door feeling great! I would definitely recommend him because this guy is going places, no doubt about it.

Alex Kirkpatrick

1/3/2013 – I’ve been seeing chiropractors across the country for over 25 years for a variety of reasons (general maintenance, migraines/stress headaches, ear infections, car accidents, etc) and Dr. Mike is incredibly talented. He has the rare skill of being able to adjust the top cervical vertebrae that most chiros can’t quite get to. I was in a car accident just a month before my wedding, and in Dr. Mike’s capable hands I was pain free for the big day. I would highly recommend Dr. Mike to anyone – whether you’ve been seeing chiropractors for years or you’re just curious to try it out!

Emily A.
San Diego, CA

7/30/2012 – I went to see Dr. Mike at EZIA with a cracked sternum. I was unable todo anything! I could barely move. He was the only doctor that would take on my case. My experience has been great and now I am able to do everything better than before. I have followed Dr. Mike over the year and will never see anyone else. I highly recommend Dr. Mike to everyone.

Zia R
Solana Beach, CA

4/5/2012 – I highly recommend Dr. Mike for your acute care and long term chiro care. He has been a trusted sports therapist for my lower back and hamstring recovery. I enjoy his enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to my specific circumstances! He is the man!

Eric M.
San Marcos, CA

4/6/2012 – Both my wrists started hurting (thumb-side) after having a baby. It hurt every time I lifted her, and when doing many other things. I was referred to Dr. Mike by a friend, and was attracted to an approach that didn’t involve temporary solutions such as pain shots.

Dr. Mike diagnosed me with De Quervain Syndrome, and performed Active Release Technique and Graston’s Therapy over the course of the next 3 weeks. He also gave me a regimen to do daily at home. I noticed a big improvement after a week of the therapy, where morning tenseness had almost dissappeared, and my range of motion without pain increased as well. By the third week I was nearly back to normal, and with continued at-home stretching, etc. I am confident that I will be back to 100% very soon.

Dr. Mike patiently answered all of my questions, and was very sincere. I am fully confident that the therapy he applied to me was the care he would have sought himself. He was also very conciencous of the pain level and worked with my threshold in order to work up to a manageable level. I am extremely satisfied with the care I received, and the pricing (out-of-pocket) without my insurance was very fair.

Joshua L.
Vista, CA

7/25/2012 – I originally saw Dr. Mike because I have a rib that slips out of place and was constantly in pain. After my first session I immediately felt better. Not only is he extremely talented but also took the time to talk to me and made me feel very comfortable. His hands-on approach provides for a unique experience I have not had during any other therapy. He is definitely a one of a kind chiro and if I have future injuries he will be the one I see.

4/24/2012 – As a massage therapist, I truly appreciate Dr. Mike’s passion and knowledge. He is always concerned about long term recovery and will never over treat (even when begged). I trust him to treat me personally and refer my clients as well.

Carre P.
Carlsbad, San Diego, CA

7/26/2012 – I highly recommend Dr. Mike and the people at EZIA!

As a competitive golfer I had been experiencing lower back pain. Dr. Mike has not only significantly helped my back issues with chiropractic care, he has also given me a specific strength training and stretching regimen to help me avoid injuries in the future. It is also nice that a visit to his office isn’t just a simple “cracking”, Dr. Mike is very good at discerning what areas of your body need attention without any unnecessary adjustments (which I have experienced with some chiropractors of the past).

What you can expect from being a visit:
* An accurate assessment of any ailments
* Excellent chiropractic adjustments for (often) immediate pain relief
* A plan to keep you pain free in the future

Brett M.
San Luis Obispo, CA

12/7/2012 – I went to see Dr. Mike because I was having issues with my neck and shoulder. I was unable to workout or play golf without pain. My experience has been awesome and now I am able to workout and play golf, as well as understand why I was hurting my neck in the first place. Mike is a great guy and easy to talk to. I put my full trust in him while adjusting me, which isn’t an easy thing for me to do. Thank you for helping me and I highly recommend Dr. Mike!!!!!

Tom O.
Temple, TX

Dr. Mike is a life saver!! I could barely move after running one day. He diagnosed my issue which was an SI joint problem. After a few sessions it was so much better! He’s great with kids and adults – a true professional with a GREAT personality! I would definitely recommend him to anyone 🙂

Encinitas, CA

12/6/2012 – I went to see Dr Mike for an injury sustained while running. I had terrible pain in my hip, low back, glut and mid back. Besides having to stop all physical activity I was in daily pain and sitting and even sleeping wasn’t very tolerable. Dr Mike got to the root of my pain in my QL, hip, piriformis, and SI Joint. After only one treatment I felt significant relief and after a few weeks I was feeling much better. He really know’s how to get into that QL muscle to release it and some of the stretches he got me in were insane! Thanks!

Roberta W.
Encinitas, CA

12/10/2012 – Dr. Mike Wasilisin completely changed my life. I went to see him because of a hip/groin injury that had been bothering me for years and he was able to identify the problem, and then fix it in a very short period of time. By blending PT with techniques and stretches I could do at home, I constantly improved under his care. I now have a range of motion in my leg that I still find incredible. My body actually feels better than it did before the injury as I’m stronger and more flexible. I also know that if I have any setbacks, he can easily update my approach and get me moving forward again. The nice part about Dr. Mike is he will treat you as long as needed, but will never over-treat you. He constantly reevaluates your progress and then judges whether you really need his help, or whether you’ve reached a point where you can move forward on your own. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Alex W.
Cardiff, CA

12/10/2012 – Dr. Mike Wasilisin completely changed my life. I went to see him because of a hip/groin injury that had been bothering me for years and he was able to identify the problem, and then fix it in a very short period of time. By blending PT with techniques and stretches I could do at home, I constantly improved under his care. I now have a range of motion in my leg that I still find incredible. My body actually feels better than it did before the injury as I’m stronger and more flexible. I also know that if I have any setbacks, he can easily update my approach and get me moving forward again. The nice part about Dr. Mike is he will treat you as long as needed, but will never over-treat you. He constantly reevaluates your progress and then judges whether you really need his help, or whether you’ve reached a point where you can move forward on your own. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Danna V.
Carlsbad, CA

4/28/2017 – While Dr. Josh alleviated my shoulder, back, and neck issues, he also made it a point to evaluate my posture and provide me with exercises to assist my core stability and train my muscle reflexes for better daily movement. Dr. Josh takes the time to educate and inform his patients, both asking and answering questions to get to the core of the issues. Skeletal health is all about the details, and Dr. Josh gets that. After my adjustments, I am sleeping better, moving better, and just feeling better overall! I highly recommend Dr. Josh! He rocks!

Carolyn E.

4/6/2017 – I am so thankful to have found Dr. Josh. I’ve tried every treatment out there for 4 years following a back injury and Dr. Josh is the first person to actually relieve the constant pain. The entire staff truly cares about your health. The treatment goes far beyond chiropractic treatment, they also work with brain because everything is connected. I would recommend Dr. Josh to anyone with chronic pain.

Jennifer Oltmans

3/26/2017 – I’m so happy that I found Dr. Josh, I suffered from Vertigo and terrible headaches. I’ve had many issues over the years due to neck and head injuries. My dizzy spells are COMPLETELY GONE and my headaches are much less. I would highly recommend them! I now have three of my sons seeing Dr. Josh. They train and compete in Jiu-Jitsu as well as MMA. Recently one of my sons injured his sternum and popped out a few ribs while training, his very first appointment helped him tremendously! He also has all of us on wonderful supplements as well as me changing my diet to gluten and dairy free, which has be feeling like a new person. I can’t thank him enough for helping us to get healthy and giving me my life back.

Love this place and everyone who works there, thanks so much!

Kim Brooks and the “Brooks Bros”!

5/26/2016 – Calispine changed my life. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true. I came in with severe lower back pain that radiated down the lateral aspect of my right leg to the top of my foot. I had re-herniated my L4 & L5 discs doing dead-lifts 2 months before visiting Dr. Mike. Previous physical therapy helped, but I was still unable to bend, do straight leg raises, or sit for longer than 10 minutes. After 12 sessions with Andrew and Dr. Mike, I can now do all of those things and more! I learned proper body mechanics as well as several exercises that will help prevent me from further injuring my back. Marisol and Dr. Mike went above and beyond in helping me figure out insurance and payment plans and I am forever grateful. Trust me, if you suffer from back issues- Dr. Mike is your guy! Take the plunge and make an appointment. YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Ryan Cogdill

5/26/2016 – Calispine is outstanding all around and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I suffered a sports-related lower back injury 8 years ago that required surgery and I’ve been dealing with lingering issues ever since. When I came in my hips were misaligned and I was having trouble doing daily activities without experiencing pain and sciatic issues. After a thorough evaluation, I discussed the plan options with Marisol (who is awesome) and then Dr. Mike and Andrew went to work. They designed a customized plan specifically for my situation and the positive results were immediate. Dr. Mike and Andrew were incredibly knowledgeable, motivating, and professional throughout my program. My back feels stronger and healthier it has in years thanks to these guys. I just signed up for their new group classes and my back finally feels good enough for me to join a crossfit gym.!

Nick W.
Carlsbad, CA

5/15/2016 – I chose Calispine after reading all of the YELP reviews and I’m so glad I did. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by Marisol’s warm smile. She is very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Dr. Mike and Andrew are knowledgable, personable and genuinely want to help you get back to the life you had before your injury.

I’m not a gym person…at all. I play soccer, run and hike to keep in shape so I was definitely out of my element but Andrew being the kind and patient person he is, showed me exercises and stretches for my specific issue-most I could do at home. Dr. Mike has magic hands that help heal and somehow makes all that body cracking work in your favor. He’s funny, approachable and both he and Andrew had me laughing every time I went in. As I said before, they truly want to help you get your life back so you aren’t just existing when you’re hurt, you’re living again.

Jenna J.
Carlsbad, CA

4/26/2016 – Not enough can be said about Dr Mike, Andrew and Marisol. The team at Calispine is amazing and have given me my life back. I came in there barely able to stand because my lower back was in so much pain. After a couple weeks of dedication I started to see results. The team gives you a specialized plan to help put you on the road to recovery. 3 months later I am back on track and doing the things I love to do. If you start to feel that pain go in to see Dr. Mike and he will take care of you.

Eddie E.
Vista, San Diego, CA

3/23/2016 – Dr. Mike cured my chronic back pain that I have been suffering with for years. He took the time to discuss my issues and my lifestyle. His techniques are innovative and effective!! I finally feel like myself again and cannot thank him enough! I would highly recommend- 5 star practice!

Carlsbad, CA

3/23/2016 – Dr. Mike and Andrew are miracle workers! I went into their office for severe shoulder pain about two years ago and I feel like a new person! Before I saw Dr. Mike I had seen two or 3 physical therapists and countless chiropractors. Dr. Mike helped not only alleviate my shoulder pain, but taught me several maintenance exercises to keep my shoulder feeling great. Highly recommended.

Jim M.
Carlsbad, CA

3/22/2016 – Dr. Mike was an excellent pain relief provider. He was genuine about his mission in making me feel better after injuring myself hiking. He provided exercises that I now know to perform properly to prevent future injuries before any outdoor activities. I thank his staff for their care and friendly personalities; they made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed my visits every time.

1/19/2016 – Calispine. I’m very pleased by Dr. Mike and his staff (Andrew). My passion of being physically active in as many sports (Crossfit, surfing, golfing, etc…) and hobbies as possible has been a blessing. With that being said, injury has played a role in my journey. Over the years I’ve tried different doctors and remedies for therapy and injury prevention but always seemed to be unsatisfied due to old technique and a lack of passion by my doctors.

Calispine has become my go to spot for injury prevention and rehabilitation when I do get injured. This place is magical and Dr. Mikes knowledge base along with his experience and passion have given me confidence is becoming the best athlete I can be! This place has an A+ rating from me.

Robert C.
Dana Point, CA

11/5/2015 – The Calispine staff is great to work with! The environment itself is comfortable and non threatening, which is why I keep coming back! The combined knowledge & education of Dr. Mike and Andrew have a helped me ease the pain in my different injuries. Currently pregnant, they have insured to only incorporate exercise that benefit the baby and prepare me for delivery.

I walked in like a collapsed lawn chair and after my first appointment I could feel myself walking tall again.

Cris B.
Carlsbad, CA

10/30/2015 – I’m in from out of town and came down with a back issue that radiated pain down my leg. Found these guys on the net in desperate need for some help. I was greeted by Marisel and immediately introduced to Mike and Andrew. What a lucky find! This crew was awesome. They took a great deal of time with me to find the problem. Not your normal lay down and let me adjust you routine. Knowing I was a one and done patient, they could have just spent a few minutes and sent me on my way. They treated me as if I was going to be in their care for years to come. Now I just need to figure out a way to import them into Texas!

Kevin E.
Dallas, TX

5/21/2012 – What a great Doc – I’m spoiled now. I know I’ll aways receive the best care. I’ve had back issue for years and Dr. Mike makes me feel better every visit. He diagnosed and coordinated with my primary and Physical Therapist to make sure I was receiving the best treatment. Great guy – great care.

9/17/2015 – Not only did my shoulder get better but I started PRing!

I got back up to my push press weight, increased 20# on my overhead squat, increased 40# on my box squat and performed a max weight of a back squat with zero shoulder pain. All while being 3 months pregnant!

In total, I had 12 sessions which included adjustments and rehab. While I felt that the rehab was rather boring it was definitely necessary. Andrew’s programming targeted all the right muscles and Dr. Mike’s magic hands really hit the spot! The drill gun was not my favorite but it provided many laughs within the office and I’m sure it helped get the job done.

I highly recommend Calispine, not just because they succeeded in getting my shoulder back to wonderful, working order but also because of what this team stands for. Dr. Mike is truly passionate about what he does & both Andrew and Marisol care about the service they provide. They’re also a good looking crew, great to be around.

Check ’em out for sure!

Sacita D.
San Diego, CA

7/24/2015 – I honestly don’t think I could say enough good things about this place and about Dr. Mike and Andrew. I had a bad accident while doing a squat in an Olympic Weightlifting class last week and Dr. Mike dropped everything and came to the rescue. After only 2 days of being with him; today I did the assault bike and got to row 1000 meters! I can even squat below parallel again. Him and Andrew even gave me a list of things to work on outside of their office. I highly recommend for any Crossfit athletes or Olympic Lifting athletes. Or anyone in general! Their energy inside the office is awesome… and it doesn’t hurt they are hilarious .


Kelsey H.
Carlsbad, CA

8/21/2013 – I have been seeing Chiropractors since I was 3 years old, and Dr. Mike is among the best. I saw him both for preventative/maintenance care, and to fix some whiplash after a car accident. One of my needs from a chiropractor is for them to be able to adjust the very top of my neck where the spine meets the skull. I am often out of line here, and many chiropractors can’t seem to finesse the angle in such a tough to reach spot. Dr. Mike was able to make that adjustment every time (no more headaches for me!). Thanks for everything Dr.Mike!!

Emily Arnold

5/28/2015 – For as long as I can remember I have suffered from lower back pain. I didn’t think I would ever be able to get rid of it. I’ve gone to doctors to try to get MRI’s on my back and they would just tell me to stretch. I’ve gone to other chiropractors and they would adjust me and send me on my way. My roommate told me about Calispine and after a while, I finally decided to give it a try. When I first got there Dr. Mike, Andrew, and Nel were so welcoming! I had no idea what to expect, but if I had any expectations, they definitely exceeded them! They identified the problem right away, we discussed treatment plans, and they got to work on me. After a couple visits, i really started feeling a difference. They taught me exercises that i could do at home so that i don’t have to depend on them in the long run. Now, two months later, i can say that i have never felt better. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me!

It is such a fun and friendly environment and I am definitely going to miss going there every week!

Ali S.
San Marcos, CA

7/15/2013 – I went to see Dr. Mike with an awful pain in my foot about a week after running RAGNAR Las Vegas. The more I walked and ran, the more it would hurt. From my description, Dr. Mike was able to determine that I was experiencing planter fasciitis and reassured me that many runners go through it. During my first visit, he “massaged” my foot with his hands and a plastic tool with a serrated, not sharp, edge. If my facial expression was any indicator, you’d think Dr. Mike didn’t like me very much. However, after that first visit, my foot already felt much better and after a second visit, the pain was completely gone. Now I am back to running with no pain and many endorphins! Dr. Mike, thank you for helping me. I highly recommend Dr. Mike!!!”

Hannah Pilkington

6/8/2015 – I walked into Calispine and sports in March after dealing with pain and discomfort for several years. Before Calispine, I would see a chiropractor it would help my Kyphosis and rounded shoulders with little results and more of a dependency to go back and see them again instead of really fixing the problem. After a long research process and my desire to succed I gave in and called around. After talking to a few places I knew deep down Calispine was the place for me. I walked in for an evluation (which by the way was free at the time). Pretty much went how I though it would ( I needed work done BADLY lol). That same day Dr Mike put me thru some exercises and even gave me an adjustment no hesitation. I was already feeling great about the place at that moment I knew it was destiny. Recently I finished up my first 12 sessions (about a month and half of work outs and adjustments). The diffrence is night and day my back is stronger, I no longer have a discomfort in the back of my neck, shoulders are in a more in-line position with the rest of my body, shoulders don’t have that pinched feeling anymore I can actually lift weights again, and Im standing 50 percent straighter. Currently Im in the second round of sessions and can’t wait to see what this brings me.

I almost failed to mention the amazing staff from the moment you walk in you’re greeted by smiles and fun personalities. Nelenie is their office manager she’s encouraging, keeps you motivated, and is always all smiles she’s pretty awesome. Andrew is Dr Mikes assistant great guy tears you down to make you better, always guiding you thru the exercise, and answers any question you have.

This is late into the review but I hope it helps, this a little about myself. I’ve always considered myself athletic I played soccer growing up, lifted weights, played basketball, Maui Thai, all sorts of extreme sports. I also operate a business constantly dealing with clients and shaking hands. It really hurt to let myself go the way I did (nutrition and physically) I don’t have any excuses for it but Im back on the correct path thats all that matters. To me, getting my life back by going to Calispine has been the best investment Ive ever made it hasn’t been easy nor would I expect it to be. The results you get back are determined by you and how much you put into because these guys truly give you their all.

Julio R.
Lakeside, CA

12/16/2014 – Dr. Mike and Andrew did an amazing job diagnosing my injury and treating my back on the first visit! Before going to them I was told I sprained my back and I wouldn’t be back to my “normal” activities for at least 2 months. I couldn’t accept that and had to look further into a second opinion…..thank goodness I did!!! I leave for Hawaii tomorrow and was told I couldn’t do much due to my injured back and after seeing Mike today I’m going to be active on my family trip w/ my three kids and husband!! I’m SO grateful for Mike and wouldn’t go to anyone else. THANK YOU!!!!!

Kelly V.
Carlsbad, CA

12/5/2014 – Awesome staff, just started but I’ve heard these guys are the best of the best and so far in very happy here.

Lee A.
West Hollywood, CA

10/21/2014 – Feels like I have a new leg already!

I sustained a dislocated leg from hip joint in 2007, crutches, physical therapy, yoga the whole 9 yards. I try to keep in good shape and work on mobility as much as I can, but still have limitations with scar tissue.

Instead of turning me away Mike and crew welcomed the challenge of my situation and even helped with trying to complete my hip in fewer sessions than normal to help me financially.

Even after 1 session I feel a major difference mobility wise. Getting off of one of the machines I felt like I had a new leg to walk on. Literally had to get used to walking/squatting.

Awesome staff, high energy, and personable!

Zach C.
Carlsbad, CA

5/18/2013 – I have been Dr. Mikes student and in recent months his assistant/intern. In that time I have really gotten to know him in his profession. He is driven to get his patients to meet there goals and also a motivation to keep them healthy and fit. He takes the time to individually know each person and make each patient truly feel important and a standout. He strives only for excellence in his life and in the care and treatment of his patients. His designs for each patient have incredible turn over rates and each week I get to encounter patients dramatically improving. He truly is an expert in the field and if you want the very best, it’s Dr. Mike. 🙂

Ruth Spitsbergen

4/25/2013 – I went to see Dr. Mike at EZIA with a bad shoulder I was unable to move my right arm. My experience has been incredible and now I am able to do move better than before. Thank you for helping me and I highly recommend Dr. Mike!!!!! Best Health,

Terry Fraser

4/20/2013 – I went to see Dr. Mike as a former athlete sidelined by a three year case of chronic back pain. He was understanding and approachable and was always ready to help. I definitely recommend Dr. Mike.

Ryan Vaughn

7/14/2014 – I found Dr. Mike here on Yelp and am soooo glad I did!!! I went to see him with a lower back issue that had progressively gotten worse over the last 10 years. I had tried other chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists and was extremely frustrated at the lack of results and pain relief. Dr. Mike took the time to really explore potential causes, ordered an MRI and worked on my back as well as my IT band, which was a contributor to the pain I was having. After spending 3 months with him, my back is better than its been in the last decade. If you’re in pain or having mobility issues, go check this guy out!!!

George R.
Encinitas, CA

7/11/2014 – Dr. Mike and his team are absolute rockstars! I’ve been to several different chiropractors in my lifetime who I almost feel like wheel and deal you into a “Plan” where you keep coming back for 10 min sessions, three times a week, costing you an arm and a leg. In the end…little to no improvement to my lower back issues!

Dr. Mike takes his time to get to the root of the problem. He truly wants to make you better and you can tell he is extremely passionate about his craft. I’ve been going to him for a few months now, and can truly say that I feel better. I can finally do the exercises that my lower back injury restricted me from doing in the past. Not only does Dr. Mike adjust you, he uses different methods, including one he invented (Wow!), and combining them with a little physical therapy! I would say he is a cut above the rest!!!

Doesn’t hurt that you get a good laugh with his quirky and enthusiastic personality. I mean, didn’t you know he was a contestant on the Price is Right, and ALMOST won a car?!

Joking aside, he is phenomenal. Highly recommend him!!

Tram P.
San Diego, CA

12/19/2013 – I had the privilege of using dr mikes services when I blew out my knee playing basketball.
With only 50% bending action of my knee I did pre-surgery rehab on my knee with him. While it was torturous at times, dr. mike got my knee movement to 95% before surgery, which paid dividends on my recovery time.

Post surgery (new acl and trimmed meniscus) he helped me rehab my knee and I was back to work in less than 3 weeks. ( I run a pool service and repair biz so I am on my feet all day)
The prehab along with the great post surgery work and chiropractic I received cut my recovery time by around 60%

Can’t say enough about how great the entire process was and how great Dr Mike was at getting me back to work fast.

I would recommend his services to everyone.

Lance W.
Vista, CA

11/8/2013 – Dr. Mike was recommended to me by my trainer. At the time I was experiencing lower back pain while working out. In less than two weeks, Dr Mike has helped me immensely with my back pain. I have already recommended him to friends. His attention to detail and follow up is awesome! Thanks so much…

Liz G.
Carlsbad, CA

11/3/2013 – I am very thankful that I got an appointment with Dr. Mike Wasilisin , he really knows what he is doing not just by great communication , but his practice is delicate at the same time also very beneficiary. I felt great in the morning not like other visits to chiropractors office or where I was in pain the next day , I remember thinking to myself I rather not go… I’m glad that doctors for a passion about what they do and how they do it are still out their ! 😀 so worth it.

Karely C.
Oceanside, CA

11/11/2013 – I went to see Dr. Mike at EZIA after I took a big hit playing rugby causing my pelvis to shift laterally, the result of a bulging disk. I was unable to bend, twist or support my upper torso with any comfort. Flat out, Dr. Mike killed it! One session and I can easily say im 90% better than before. I have regained significant range of motion, decreased my lower back strain tremendously, and I’m not wincing in pain when I breathe. Definitely coming back to the good doc if another injury happens. Thank you for helping me and I highly recommend Dr. Mike!!!!!

Alan Ozdamar

6/24/2013 – As a former assistant of Dr.Mike’s, I have had the privilege to be involved in his work and get to know him. He is a genuine person who has the best interest of his clients in mind at all times. He educates his clients about their well being so that they may become independent and improve their lifestyle. Dr.Mike has an enjoyable personality that places his clients at ease. His expertise with the lower back is his bread and butter, but his knowledge of all chiropractic techniques is vast. He constantly improves upon his approaches to treat his clients and modifies then so that they are always what is best for his clients. Out of all of the rehabilitative and chiropractic individuals that I have worked with in the past, none were as knowledgeable and genuinely caring as Dr.Mike. He has successfully treated clients that had seen multiple chiropractors before him, so make sure to see him.

Ace M.
Escondido, CA

6/9/2013 – Dr Wasilisin has a passion for his work and it shows. He helped my lower back condition and helped me reach my goals. I highly recommend his practice.

Matt A.
Fallbrook, CA

2/12/2013 – I have had the privilege to have been taught at a University by Dr. Mike and I have been worked on by him as well. He is excellent at what he does. There is no one out there like him, he is extremely personable but very professional as well. I have been to a few clinics and doctors about my low back pain and nothing seemed to work. After 1 session with Dr. Mike I was out the door feeling great! I would definitely recommend him because this guy is going places, no doubt about it.

San Marcos, CA

1/14/2013 – I went to see Dr. Mike for the first time recently regarding my scoliosis. I’ve never had pain problems because of this, but recently part of my back felt a lot tighter than usual, and he really explained what is going on with my spine and what it is affecting, and why. He helped me with tips on how to help stretch certain parts of my back and it really helps! I’m excited for my next appointment!

Aubree D.
Madison, WI

1/3/2013 – I highly recommend Dr. Mike. I have been dealing with low back pain for 15+ years and have seen countless chiropractors, rehab specialists, pain management specialists, etc., and have never had someone get to the root of the issue until now. Dr. Mike has made immediate improvements in a very short time and he truly cares about your speedy recovery. I am very thankful that I was referred to him.

Deanne V.
Carlsbad, CA

10/18/2013 – Dr. Mike is the man. I have seen him over the past year for hip and knee issues that have come up during training. Every time Dr. Mike was able to pin point the issue and utilize one or more of many techniques (ART, Graston, etc.) to fix the problem. Some of the issues I have seen him for are very sport specific and he has always been up to and loved the challenge. Additionally, I have recommend Dr. Mike to many of my clients and friends.

Mike Coopman

4/5/2012 – Dr Mike has made a significant difference in areas of pain. Over several weeks we have built strength and stability that should help me for years to come. He educates as he goes along so I am always aware of the what and why of any treatment. Thumbs up for Dr. Mike

Diane M.
Encinitas, CA

4/17/2012 – I was experiencing considerable low back pain after a fall and scheduled several appointments with Dr. Mike. My flexibility specifically in my hamstrings and also hip flexors was very poor. I couldn’t reach down past my knees. With therapy and assisted stretching, my back pain was reduced and I was able to touch my toes again! I did continue to see Dr. Mike for awhile and was always happy with the each session outcome. Dr. Mike is very professional and knowledgeable. My degenerated disc will never heal, but Dr. Mike helped me realize that there are things I can do each day that will help me feel better and I have been able to continue to run and do other physical activities that I enjoy! I also have been able to improve my foot landing during running. Dr. Mike video taped my gait and we discovered that I am a heal striker like so many other runners. I have slowly been able to transition to landing on my midfoot and I know this will be beneficial for years to come. If you are looking for a sports chiropractor who will help you feel better and who you will be able to trust with your body, go see Dr. Mike!

Paige B.
Carlsbad, CA

4/27/2012 – Dr. Mike really is talented at what he does. I have a lot of lower back pain and terrible posture and he knows exactly what to do to to correct my posture and take the pain away. He is very creative in his treatment and frequently takes me onto the gym floor at EZIA and has me to stretches and exercises that benefit me. Today I used this cool new piece of equipment called the Ski Erg that really help strengthen those small muscles in my back. He is not just a chiropractor, he is very hands on and will give you exercises to bring home.

Gaelan T.
Nantucket, MA

2/21/2012 – I have been having shoulder and other mobility restrictions for quite some time. As an active crossfitter, I need my body to be performing at 100% and wanted a positive proactive supporter to help me maintain a high level of performance and injury prevention. Dr. Mike successfully identified the cause and solution to my shoulder issues and since then I have been stronger than ever! With his unique treatment and insights, I am confident I will continue to excel as a happy and healthy athlete! Awesome work, Dr Mike!

11/10/2012 – I had a complete ACL and Meniscus repair done on my right knee about 4 months ago. I have been struggling with the recovery due to some excessive swelling and scar tissue that is surrounding my knee, my PT recommended that I spend some extra time working with Dr. Mike and WOW after only 1 treatment my range of motion was significantly improved. He worked my knee in such a way that both ROM and swelling went down. Man what a great experience I was so impressed with Dr. Mike that I immediately recommended him to my business partner Mark who had a problem which he thought was a muscle in his upper back. After Dr. Mike examined him and corrected it – it actually turned out to be a out of place rib. 5 stars all around for Dr. Mike!

Damon S.
Oceanside, CA

12/7/2012 – Besides being a great guy Dr. Mike is an excellent Injury & Rehab Chiropractor. One thing that sets Dr. Mike apart from others is his great communications skills. He listens to my complaints then quickly & effectively zeroes in on the fix. He has many tools at his disposal and has done a wonderful job at improving a persistent shoulder injury this past year. He’s a straight shooter and will tell you if he can help or not and about how many treatments it will take. He doesn’t try to get you in for a bunch of treatments if you don’t need them. I am very happy to know that if I’m in pain or discomfort that Dr. Mike has the talent and ability to properly fix me. And it doesn’t hurt that he has a great personality, is always cheerful, and it’s a pleasure being one of his patients!

Oh and one last thing. My wife (this past year) has seen Dr. Mike for car accident related injury she received about 20 years ago. Over the years she has gone to several Chiropractors but Dr. Mike is the first person that has been able to significantly help her. One reason she says is because he thoroughly listened to her issues. She has responded so well to the treatments that her condition is almost entirely gone. When Dr. Mike first evaluated her he wasn’t sure how much he could help but she is now doing significantly better than both of them had anticipated!

Russell A.
Carlsbad, CA.

6/21/2012 – Dr Mike has helped me with neck, shoulder and leg issues. He was the only person who identified what had been an issue for many years and helped to provide relief.

12/12/2012 – I highly recommend Dr Mike and the trainers at Ezia! I have some very complicated problems with my neck and back and had lived with discomfort for a very long time. I have seen many different chiropractors over the years with little or no improvement to my condition. I am not a very trusting person by nature and hesitated to see yet another chiropractor but it became clear early on that Dr Mike had the ability to help me.

What set Dr Mike apart from the others is that he really took the time to listen to my complaints, made a proper diagnoses and worked with my trainer to design a strengthening/exercise program. He is the only chiropractor that was able to adjust my neck and this is huge! I am feeling so much better than I could have hoped!
Dr Mike is also a very nice guy, entertaining, professional and funny!
God bless Dr Mike!!

Laura C.
Carlsbad, CA

12/15/2012 – When I first started seeing Dr. Mike I was unable to do the things I love to do. I was running ultra marathons, snowboarding, surfing and mt. biking before my back problems started. With Dr. Mike’s help I was able to do all those things again. I actually feel stronger then I did before. I never really felt comfortable going to Chiropractor. Dr Mike changed my Opinion, I always walked out of there feeling better. The 2 biggest thing I got from the experience was figuring out the problem and how to prevent it from happening again. All the stretches and exercises to do at home really helped. My overall experience with Dr.Mike has been excellent and I highly recommend him

Jason K.
Carlsbad, CA

12/14/2012 – At the time I went for for an assessment with Dr. Mike, I couldn’t move my neck & I’d been experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders & back due to overuse swimming, bad posture, & tension. I decided to go to Dr. Mike because of his experience in chiropractic, physiotherapy & sports and I’m glad I did. After a course of treatments, I now have better posture, complete mobility in my neck & significantly less pain in my shoulders, upper & lower back. The treatments have also improved my overall sense of well being so I can confidently recommend Dr. Mike & his PT assistants Rudy & Ruth who helped me with the prescribed exercises.

Shilla T.
Oceanside, CA

12/7/2012 – I saw Dr Mike for severe lower back pain due to an injury sustained at gymnastics practice. I lost my flexibility, could hardly stand up straight, it was the most pain I’ve ever experienced! Dr. Mike has a special talent for chiropractics and truly understanding pain and how to repair your body. Within two visits I was back to normal, which seems like a miracle based on the pain level I was experiencing. I’m grateful everyday that I’m pain free due to him. He’s a no fuss Dr who knows his stuff top to bottom. He is a professional with a passion for what he does.

Brittany C.
Escondido, CA

6/27/2012 – Dr Mike absolutely rocks. Out of the many or so chiropractors I have seen over the past 20 years, he is the best because he works with you to *solve the whole problem*.

I’ve been to Dr Mike for a number of back problems and sports injuries, and in every case he has been able to do amazing things to get me functional. He is very knowledgeable and his treatments are far more complete than just a ‘back crack’. Oftentimes a single visit is all that’s needed to stop even severe pain and relax badly spasmed muscles.

He also gives you stretches and strengthening exercises to prevent the problem from repeating. This means less business for him, but better quality of life for you. Awesome!

Dave C.
Carlsbad, CA

12/31/2012 – I injured my back during a crossfit workout and was out of commission for almost a week. When my condition didn’t improve with rest, stretching, and ice, I made an appointment to see Dr. Mike who I had heard about from several people that train at my gym. I saw Dr. Mike three times, and I can honestly say my back has never felt better. Before I went to Dr. Mike, I had been to other physical therapists, chiropractors, and even an acupuncturist, for issues with my back and no one seemed to help. Dr. Mike’s work speaks for itself, so if you are having any doubts, make an appointment and go see him. I promise you will not regret it. Thanks again Dr. Mike!!

James B.
Encinitas, CA

12/24/2012 – Dr. Mike is an all-around wonderful person! He is enthusiastic, and passionate about his profession, life and living. He wants his patients to experience the same. He has good sense and confidence about body mechanics, which is necessary for me in the chiropractic field. Not only does he work on our issues and pains, he follows up and continues to provide care and exercises to promote healing and strength

Deborah C.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

12/21/2012 – I have been going to Dr. Mike for 4 years now and he is by far the best Chiropractor around. I have had upper neck and back problems for 15 years now due to a bad car accident and Dr. Mike has been the only one to fix it. I highly recommend Dr. Mike! Not only is he a great Chiropractor he is a great guy too!


Michelle K.
Carlsbad, CA

12/6/2012 – Dr. Mike is a life saver!! I could barely move after running one day. He diagnosed my issue which was an SI joint problem. After a few sessions it was so much better! He’s great with kids and adults – a true professional with a GREAT personality! I would definitely recommend him to anyone 🙂

Tracy S.
Carlsbad, CA

4/4/2012 – When I first saw Dr. Mike I constantly had pain in my left shoulder. I wasn’t sure exactly where the pain was coming from but working through the issue with me he was able to isolate and fix the problem. He made me feel incredibly comfortable and welcome at the EZIA facility. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get rid of pain or even just for maintenance. With my active life style I don’t think I could have found a better fit for a chiro.

Lindsay L.
Carlsbad, CA