Do you want to stay healthy, get stronger, and/or fine tune your performance?

Benefits include:

  • Rapid Increase of Mobility
  • Prevention of Pain Syndromes
  • Instant Stress reduction
  • Increase of Endorphins
  • Reduced chance of injury


Are you actively experiencing any brain or body symptoms? Our rehabilitation programs are designed to get you out of pain fast, decrease brain based symptoms that are impacting your ability to do the things you love, and get to the root cause of your issue so you never have the same problem in the future.

Rehabilitation Programs include:

  • Neurological and Manual therapies (muscle and joint work) for faster recovery.
  • Proper movement, core training and breathing mechanics
  • Neurological exercises specific to your exam findings
  • Proper nutrition and supplementation

Intensive 3 and 5 day Brain Based Rehabilitation

Are you from out of town? Have you tried everything to fix your brain or body program with no resolution?

Ask about our intensive rehab programs. They are designed to provide you with the highest quality of patient care in an intensive way to get you the results you want fast!