Labs and Nutrition

Here are a few of the variety of labs that we use at Calispine to help get to the root cause of your problems, heal your gut, and maximize your metabolics!


Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing can help identify common foods in your diet that may be causing inflammation and/or delayed food reactions. It can help you understand what foods to eliminate to help alleviate your symptoms and create an individualized meal plan and supplementation to fit your needs.


Neural Zoomer Plus

Have you recently suffered from a concussion or brain injury? Do you suffer from brain fog, memory issues, or balance issues? The Neural Zoomer Plus can identify autoimmune markers, blood barrier disruptions in your brain, as well as inflammation and infections that could be impacting your brain function!


Wheat Zoomer

The Wheat Zoomer can detect gluten-sensitivities, intestinal permeability, and celiac disease.