Is your back or neck hurting from sitting or standing for long periods of time? What is the best position for you to work in? Everyone who sits all day has probably been told to use a standup desk. Many people who switch to a standup desk find that their back or neck pain continues. The truth is that you need to be in multiple positions throughout the day to avoid pain. Any position that is held for an extended period of time will take a toll on your neck, back, knees, and feet – especially if you have terrible posture.

Instead of having one workstation, why not move around throughout your day? Switch between your standing desk, your seated desk, a kneeling position at your desk, and even lying on the floor. With any position, it is important to remember to keep a flat back with your shoulders and head pulled back. Learn how to maintain a neutral position while sitting, standing, or lying prone on the belly.

Add a Standing Desk to Your Life

Stand up desk for improved postureThese cheap, small, DIY Standing Desks will give you some ideas for constructing a standup desk in your own work environment. We currently use the “$22 IKEA standing desk” in our office. People think standup desks need to be extravagant with moveable parts, gears, outlets, and a toilet built into it. Some people don’t get standup desks because their “work” won’t pay for the desk with the hydraulic.

It is time for you to take matters into your own hands and build one of these cheap desks for your office. Start using your standing desk for part of your workday and switch between sitting, standing, lying, and kneeling whenever you feel like your body is tired of a certain position.

Is it Okay to Sit Down and Work?

Sitting deskKneeling DeskSitting is great for short periods of time. When you are sitting, make sure that your spine is neutral. You need to understand where your hips are in relation to your shoulders and head and try to keep them in line! As we write this, we are utilizing some of these positions and stretches to maintain our body awareness.

Kneeling at your seated desk is an excellent alternative for people who don’t have the option of adding a standing desk or lying on the floor in the office. This is position can be done for anywhere between 5-20 minutes per side. It will also stretch the hip flexor and greatly reduce the back pain brought about from constant sitting.

Can You Work on Your Belly?

Lying down while you workIt is time for you to get used to moving around while you work. Lying on your belly while propped up on your elbows for 10-20 minutes is such an easy way to counteract the rounded posture that your spine endures while sitting. It is relaxing on the back and lower body, but it can definitely be taxing on the shoulders… people usually only stay in this position for short periods.

It is important to maintain your head and shoulder down and back while working on your laptop, papers, or taking phone calls.

Why You Should Move Your Body Throughout Your Work Day

Instead of settling with just one type of desk for 40+ hours a week, find a way to introduce multiple positions into your life. The reason people aren’t successful switching to just a standing desk is because they still haven’t learned how to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Don’t settle for one position in your work life and keep moving your body!

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