What do we do at Calispine that keeps our patients coming back? We utilize a holistic, targeted approach to help our patients reach their goals. Today, we discuss the techniques that form what we call our Calispine Method. This method combines various techniques to help our patients build strength, reduce pain, and improve their overall wellbeing.

What Is the Calispine Method?

We approach chiropractic care and functional neurology with genuine empathy. We aim to understand our patients, their concerns, needs, and goals. It is also our goal to ensure our patients are in the right mindset to dedicate the time required to improve their brain and body.

Every single one of our patients receives a tailored combination of physical therapy, deep tissue work, adjustments, traction, nutrition consultations, and more. Since every patient is different, one patient may only need adjustments and traction, while another may benefit from deep tissue work, and neurological treatment.

What Injuries Do You Address?

Our work encompasses injuries that affect the entire body. Here is a list of the top injuries we typically treat:

  1. Lower back pain (35%)
  2. Shoulder and mid-back pain (20%)
  3. Neck pain (20%)
  4. Hip and knee pain (15%)
  5. Elbow pain (7%)
  6. Other extremity injuries (3%)

Where Do Most Patients Start?

Most patients come to us when they are experiencing chronic pain, but that is not always the best time to do so. It is recommended to see a chiropractor when you first experience pain not when it gets worse. For patients who come to us already in pain, it is difficult for them to perform some exercises without increasing this pain. In this instance, we have patients complete physical therapy exercises to help improve mobility and strengthen their posture.

These initial exercises are to be performed at home daily by the patient, while we perform deep tissue work, traction techniques, and spinal manipulation/adjustments in our office. This process is usually completed twice a week, for up to a month.

Mobilization and Strength Phase

Once a patient is no longer in pain, we recommend that they further their treatment by mobilizing and strengthening their body to improve their posture. This phase is meant to teach a patient how to control the movement of their body through different lifting techniques, crawling patterns, and pressing/pulling motions. Patients are taught how to apply these motions in their daily lives, not just in the gym or their sport. By practicing these techniques daily, posture and function will begin to improve.

Performance Phase

This phase of treatment is meant for patients that have been through months of mobilization and strength and are now completely pain free. In rare cases, we do have patients that fit in this category within a few weeks of their initial exam due to their level of athleticism and functional awareness.

It does not matter what your fitness background is, as we will set you up for success in whatever sport or activity you enjoy. This phase encompasses circuit training, strength training, sprinting, anaerobic power drills, advanced balancing techniques, and more. Patients generally decide to stay in this phase for months or even years.

If you have any questions about the Calispine method, please leave a comment below or shoot as an email at Info@CaliSpine.com.