Have you ever been diagnosed with something and then find out you were given the wrong diagnosis? At Calispine, we understand that mistakes can happen and even doctors can give a patient the wrong diagnosis.

What Is Active Diagnosing?

Our active diagnosing system is a treat-test, treat-test method of diagnosis that often gets to the root of a problem without the need for expensive and time consuming diagnostic procedures such as MRIs and EMGs.

Most of our patients’ pain comes from a joint, nerve, or muscle injury and active diagnosing helps pinpoint the source of these issues. When a patient presents symptoms that resemble a joint injury, we will treat him/her accordingly; however, if there is no improvement within a couple of visits, further analysis is done. We may also alter the treatment and look into muscular injuries.

Why Do Patients Prefer Active Diagnosing?

Active diagnosing boosts a patient’s confidence. Our patients feel good knowing that if they are not improving with their current treatment plan then they can ask us to alter their treatment and re-test them. Other treatments involve repeating the same process on every patient until their sessions end. We refuse to utilize this type of method and pivot to do what is best for our patients. Our focus is on providing you with rapid recovery and long-term relief.

If you would like to learn more about active diagnosis or schedule an appointment, email Info@CaliSpine.com or fill out this form