Chiropractic Adjustments for
Lower Back Pain


What is Functional Neurology?

Chiropractic adjustments can be a very effective tool for reducing pain and improving lower back mobility. After being adjusted, most people feel great! After the examination, our sports chiropractor will construct a detailed plan for the type of lower back pain you are experiencing. If your lower back pain is arising from the joints in the lower back or sacroiliac joint, then chiropractic adjustments might be exactly what you need to begin feeling amazing.

If there is a “quick fix” in our profession, it is when joint pain meets a chiropractic adjustments. Most joint pain responds extremely well to chiropractic adjustments; however, this type of pain is very often an indicator of an underlying core or posture weakness. Consider it a red flag if you need to be adjusted on a frequent basis to keep your lower back pain from worsening. If you are motivated to resolve this type of back pain, set up an appointment with us today or at a minimum watch our YouTube videos and follow Calispine on Instagram for educational videos that can help your lower back pain.


The CaliSpine Method

It’s amazing how the little things accumulate and result in lower back pain. How often do you get out of your car, stand up from sitting, pick up something from the floor, or reach for an object on the counter? These every day movements can contribute to your back pain unless you are taught proper squatting, lunging, deadlifting and bracing techniques.

Your lower back physical therapy will be custom tailored to your sport, activity, and daily movements. The physical therapy exercises we teach you are to be applied in your daily movements, not necessarily in a gym setting. After the grooving of your key functional movements, they will then be challenged with resistance in multi planes.

Whether you are an occasional weekend warrior, or a professional athlete, we program our physical therapy exercises according to your skill level. No matter what your fitness and skill level, most people with chronic lower back pain will have dysfunction in their daily movements, and our goal is to give you the weapons and tools, to prevent future back pain from recurring.


The Effectiveness of Adjustments

We understand that there are many factors that contribute to lower back pain such as posture, bending & lifting patterns, sleeping habits, hobbies, and whether you sit or stand most of the day. The other part of the equation is that not all back pain is the same. Back pain can be coming from a muscle, joint, nerve, or a combination. Each type of back pain comes with a different type of treatment.

Chiropractic adjustments tend to be effective with joint pain, while scar tissue therapy is more effective with nerve and muscle pain. After assessing thousands of patients through a detailed medical exam and postural & functional analysis, we have found that most often there is an underlying posture and movement dysfunction that has been breaking down for years. Eventually, this broken or dysfunctional movement gets set off and slides over a tipping point, which results in feeling the symptom.

The real healing occurs when you are able to “feel” the dysfunctional movement or poor posture habit that has caused your back pain. We will separate the specific dysfunction, help you become hyper-aware, and then teach you the correct motion while repeating it over and over. Through this phase you will be progressed from simple exercises, all the way to multi-joint movements with resistance. After completing your recommended phases of care, you will be more educated and competent with how to properly move and carry yourself. These tools will prevent injury and allow you to build a durable low back that will last a lifetime.


Sports Injury Treatment

A sports chiropractor is accustomed to working with patients who are fit and active, or desire to become fit and active once again. A good sports chiropractor will often perform lower back adjustments more intensive than a family chiropractor. There is generally much less, if any, when working with an active adult or athlete. Joints in the back can become locked and it often takes a forceful adjustment to free the joint. The sports chiropractor has the ability to scale. He can go easy, but he also knows how to adjust the joint when he needs to.