If you need immediate disc pain relief, you have come to the right place. I am getting right to the point with this blog and sharing 3 simple and effective exercises to help reduce your disc pain. These may greatly reduce your disc pain, but you will ultimately need some serious retraining to prevent your disc injury and pain from recurring.

Reduce Disc Pain with the Hip Flexor Stretch

This stretch should be held for 2 minutes per side 2-4 times a day. The psoas muscle (hip flexor) attaches to the front of your spine deep in the abdomen and when it becomes tight, it will compress your spine and increase disc and nerve pain. Excessive sitting, weak glutes, and a weak core are the primary causes of tight hip flexors.

Press up – the Go to Exercise for Lumbar Disc Injuries

There are two variations here: Resting on the elbows for 2-5 minutes and/or 3 sets of 20 active press-ups as shown below. For the active press-up, inch your hands back as far as you can without your hips coming off of the floor. These can be done 2-4 times a day.

These two exercises are a go-to for lumbar disc injuries. Some disc injuries (herniated discs) can refer nerve pain down the leg with lumbar extension. Resting on the elbows should be less painful for you than doing the active press up. If you experience increased disc or nerve pain from either of these exercises, only do as much as you can tolerate, but continue to do them each day. If you can only rest on the elbows for 20 seconds, try for 30 seconds later that day.

Quadratus Lumborum Manual Therapy with Lacrosse Ball

This massage technique is most effective with a lacrosse ball or baseball. A tennis ball is too soft and a golf ball is too small. Hold this position or gently rock on the ball for 2 minutes each side. Like the hip flexors, the quadratus lumborum muscles can compress the spine and increase irritation on the injured disc and surrounding nerves.

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