Simple Movement to Decrease Pain & Increase Mobility

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Today we will be going over a flexibility exercise to help stretch and curve the lower back in the opposite direction of your lordosis. This exercise can be done for 10-20 slow repetitions and will feel great for those of you who are extremely “lordotic”.

The goal with this “Low Back Curl Stretch” is not to curve the low back into a kyphotic position forever, it is only meant to open up the back to help improve the strengthening exercise that we posted Instagram the other day. If you struggle to keep your back flat, try doing this stretch first and then go back to the Instagram exercise.

Everyone will feel this stretch differently as it depends on how tight you are in the neck, mid back, and lower back. This exercise is safe and effective, but make sure to do it slowly and listen to your body… If anything feels awkward or painful, back off a little bit. If you have neck pain, pulling on the head and neck is not necessary.

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  1. I don’t know how I was able to see this but it was great. Great information and histerical. You made me smile, a little chuckle and I learned a lot. Thank you. I am going to try to figure out how I accessed this.

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  2. Dear Dr. Mike and Andrew,
    Thank you for making these videos and for the work you do! Not only are you very information and education and a great team,but Andrew seriously you make me smile every day watching your antics when Dr. Mike is trying to explain things.
    Thank you both.
    Wendy Johner

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