Low Back Pain: the Deadly 6 Causes

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y tho back pain“What is causing my back pain?” “What can I do to get out of pain?” “How do I keep this pain from coming back?”

These are daily questions that we get from new patients, our social media following, and emails from around the world. There is something in common with each of the people that ask these questions: they want to be active and they can’t figure out what is causing them to hurt.

This blog will cover the top 6 reasons to why your back is hurting, and give you some ideas as to what you might want to avoid to prevent your back pain from worsening. Our upcoming online program will also address each of these issues to reduce or even eliminate your back pain.

1. You Sit Too Damn Much

man sitting down in front of computerIn todays’ society, a majority of people sit for 8 hours straight at least 5 days a week, and that is probably the number one reason there are so many lower back issues.

Excessive sitting and long workdays ultimately cause several of the next reasons to why your back may hurt. The hip flexors get extremely tight and your back will either become excessively arched or overly rounded when you stand up… depending on how poor your posture is while sitting for long periods. Ultimately, you want to maintain a neutral spine. Not too arched. Not too rounded. Try switching to a standing desk for some of the time you work.

2. Your Back Injury “Precipitated” From Somewhere Else

Were you ever in any crazy car accidents or falls? Did you ever break your foot or tear a ligament in your knee? Think about past injuries that may not have been completely taken care of. Over the years, these injuries have probably led to your low back injury.

It is simple physics. If you injure your knee and don’t regain full and proper motion, then every step you take, and every weight you lift will send a broken movement pattern up and down the leg. Therefore, the big toe you broke in high school has caused you to overcompensate, bringing you pain in your lower back 6 years later. If this is the case, addressing the broken movement pattern will ultimately eliminate your pain in the long run.

guy with low back pain from lifting a box3. You Are Lazy When You Pick Things Up!

Think about how many times you bend over to grab something from the ground, a low desk, or a chair. Now think about what your back does when you bend over. Do you round your back? If you have been rounding your back for years to pick things up, you probably have some weakened, degenerative, or bulged discs in your lower back.

Maintaining a flat back is CRUCIAL for protecting your spine, the joints, and the musculature of the back. Check out this deadlift blog to learn how to properly and safely lift objects like shoes, books, boxes, potted plants, or a bag of concrete.

4. Improper Weightlifting Techniques

This falls in line with number 3, except this time you are probably doing the same lazy lifting motions with heavy objects. The deadlift blog will hopefully clear some things up for you and improve your technique. If you think you have great lifting technique, then why is your back hurting? If you properly engage the glutes, core, and shoulder blades, then you will greatly reduce motion in the spine, thus reducing pain.

5. Chasing The Symptoms Around

ChasingYou have a sharp pain on the right side of your lower back? You were probably diagnosed with having a SacroIliac Joint out of place and received adjustments and massages in the area that may have helped temporarily, but I guess it came back. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Many people make the mistake of chasing their pain without addressing the tight or weak muscles around their hips, low back, and core. Correcting your dysfunctional movement patterns and strengthening your weak muscles will help prevent your injury from coming back.

6. Lack of Exercise

If you have back pain, it is better to move and do body weight exercises and cardio than to just sit around and wait for it to get better on its own! Loosen up muscle tissue, get your blood flowing, and allow your body to stay strong. Avoid exercises that are unbearable, but stay active in one way or another.

We will soon be launching our CaliSpine online back pain-relief program that is geared to allow you to eliminate your back pain on your own at home. Sign up here to be the first to know when we release our program!

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  1. Thank you for providing this information about back pain. It is good to know that improper weightlifting techniques can seriously damage a person’s back. It is a good idea to properly engage the core and lift with your legs to prevent injury.

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