It’s time to delve into something a little bit different this week! We have gone over numerous topics about body movement, but we have not yet touched on your diet!

As we all know, a poor diet plays a huge roll in weight gain, but foods like dairy, grains, excess sugars, and any processed foods also contribute to full body inflammation, diseases, and disorders. Cleaning up your diet can actually reduce your overall aches and pains!

I am no dietary expert, but after having practiced a strict “paleo” diet for months and then slowly introducing every-day foods back into my diet, I have found that some foods make my body feel terrible. I found that foods like dairy not only bother my stomach, but also create aches throughout my body as well as diminishing my sleep and performance throughout the day.

What you put in your body matters! Maximize your improvement by choosing foods that increases your energy and reduce your inflammation. Learn more from Dr. James Chestnut’s simple approach to wellness and nutrition. Check out one of his YouTube videos.

Eat like a caveman! The paleo diet is very popular because it’s logical and delicious. The CaliSpine team is 80% paleo, as are most of the active & athletic patients that we see. This fun slideshow and the chart below nicely sums up the paleo diet.

Challenge Yourself!

There are some awesome challenges out there that can help you clean up your diet and set you up for dietary success! The Whole Life Challenge is an awesome 56-day program for both the experienced and newcomers to the paleo diet. It not only teaches clean eating, but encompasses improving your fitness, stretching, sleeping, water intake, etc.

The Whole Life Challenge offers different “levels” of dieting and also encourages you to do the program with a team of friends. There is also a pretty awesome mobile app to allow you to keep track, score, and compete with your friends for overall “points” by the end of the challenge.

One of the most notorious paleo diet programs out there is the Whole30. Many people have had success in cleaning up their diets and improving their health with this quick challenge. Their website is filled with ample amounts of information about the paleo diet including recipes, weekly meal plans, and even healthy eating for pregnant women!

Both of these challenges are much easier and much more fun to do with friends and family. Making a change is always difficult and is best completed with an awesome support system!