There are things you are doing in your life that are making your back pain worse, and there are things to do that will make your back pain improve. Sleeping correctly will not improve your back long term, but can prevent you from getting worse. Read that again! Sleeping correctly will not improve your back long term, but can prevent you from getting worse.

Sleeping can be a real challenge if you have back pain. Today we are going to review the best ways to sleep!

The Bed & Pillow

[x_icon type=”angle-double-right”] First, practice your proper sitting posture on the side of the bed. Next, hold that posture as you lay down on your side. Your pillows and bed should contour to the shape of “good sleeping posture”.
[x_icon type=”angle-double-right”] is a good source for finding a decent mattress, and as far as pillows go, my personal all-around favorite is this Bamboo Pillow. I love this pillow because it’s adjustable.
[x_icon type=”angle-double-right”] Most people will benefit from using a yoga bolster while sleeping (i’ll go into more detail on this below).
[x_icon type=”angle-double-right”] Move around! Move to the other side of the bed, turn your mattress, sleep with your head where your feet were!

Try each of the following sleeping positions for one week to find out what works best for you. If one of the positions makes your back worse, then switch to another position.

Side Sleeping

Proper side sleeping requires at least 3 pillows; the hug and back pillow below take pressure off of your the back and shoulder.

Curling Up & Leaning Back

Pillows: head, hug, & knee.

Curling Up Sleeping

Leaning Back

Pillows: head, knee, & lean back.


Back Sleeping

Some people need more curve in their low back while others need less. Back sleeping can help promote this spinal curve easier than side sleeping. Please note that using a head pillow is not necessary.


Pillows: head

Straight Sleepin

Propped up

Pillows: knees propped up 10-12” Amazon Yoga Bolster.

Back Sleeping with Yoga Bolster

Stomach Sleeping


Pillows: knee & hug. Or king size pillow. Amazon Yoga Bolster.

Stomach Sleeping

Bottoms up

Pillows: Thick pillow under belly or Amazon.

Stomach Sleeping with Yoga Bolster

That’s it! Go work on you posture and movement therapies so you can sleep better than a baby tonight. And don’t forget to sign up for our 14-Day Challenge starting in October!