Active Diagnosing – What It Is & Why We Do It

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Active Diagnosing at CaliSpine CarlsbadHave you ever been diagnosed for something and weeks or months later you find out that it was the completely wrong diagnosis? At CaliSpine, we have come to realize that when any doctor gives a patient their diagnosis, it could be incorrect.

CaliSpine’s active diagnosing is a treat-test, treat-test method of diagnosis that often gets to the root of the problem without the need for expensive and time consuming diagnostic procedures such as MRI’s and EMG’s. Most of our patients’ pain comes from a joint, nerve, or muscle injury and active diagnosing will help pinpoint the source. When a patient presents with symptoms that resemble a joint injury, we will treat them according, but if they do not improve within a couple of visits, we analyze the patient further and may alter the treatment to cater toward a muscular injury.

Active diagnosing gives confidence to the patient that if they are not improving from their current treatment, then the doctor will be reactive and alter the current procedures and re-test to find the right protocol for rapid results.  Most other treatments involve simply repeating the same process on every patient until their sessions end.  We refuse to utilize this mundane method, and focus on rapid recovery and long term relief.

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